¡Live the Semana Santa in Andalusia!

The celebrations of Holy Week in Spain are a spectacle of art, religious fervor, solemnity and, above all, of emotion to the surface during a week.

Holy Week is considered the most important religious festival in Spain but each region has its own traditions and tastes for the occasion.

Andalusia presents more colorful processions in even more ostentatious.

Although there are processions in cities and towns throughout the region, those of Malaga and Seville are the largest and most important, attracting millions of spectators every year.

Semana santa in Málaga

The celebrations of Holy Week in Malaga are the most famous in Spain and therefore are televised nationwide.

The processions begin on Palm Sunday and conclude with the end of Holy Week that falls on Easter Monday.

On Holy Thursday and Good Friday the most dramatic processions take place when the thrones, with weights of up to 5,000 kg, process through the streets on the shoulders of hundreds of devotees.

The Malaga Cautivo

Perhaps the most venerated image of the provincial of Malaga is that of Nuestro Padre Jesús Cautivo de Málaga.

This image of white tunic leaves on Holy Monday through the streets of Malaga where millions of people crowd to see his step and live the emotion of skin around him.

It is said that his wavy tunic gives the image the feeling that he was walking.

Semana Santa in Seville

In Seville the processions of Holy Week are more solemn but perhaps the most ornate and elaborate of all Spain.

Special night of Seville

The Early Morning of Seville is the most special moment of the celebrations of the Holy Week in Seville.

It takes place at dawn of Holy Thursday to Holy Friday, and the believers do not sleep to see the processions of Esperanza Macarena and Esperanza de Triana.

Another of the processions that is worthy of mention is that of the Gran Poder, also known as the Great Lord of Seville.

Semana Santa Granada

Silence in Granada

If you want to live a completely different experience, then you should take a trip to Granada.

Both the penitents and the crowd keep a total silence, which is only broken by a sober drum roll while the image of the Christ of the Silence procession through the streets of this beautiful city.

By tradition, all the lighting both public and private along the road is turned off and the show is lit only by candlelight, which adds more beauty to the environment.

Semana Santa Cádiz

The children of Cádiz

Palm Sunday in Cádiz are the children who focus the attention of the celebrations.

Since they participate in the procession of “La Borriquita”, where the youngest take olive branches and palms accompanying a throne that symbolizes the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.

The fact that the children are the protagonists gives this event a casual and cheerful touch.


Semana Santa Huelva

The Last Supper of Huelva

The solemn image of the Last Supper of Jesus is essential in the ceremonies of Holy Week in Huelva. Located in the westernmost part of Andalusia.

The city is somewhat removed from the road where most things and people are, although it is recommended to see this procession if you are in the area.

The passage of the Holy Supper departs from what is considered the area of greatest fervor in the city, El Polvorín, the brotherhood of the Holy Supper having the honor of taking the step that represents that complex and almost real scene of the last supper.

Thousands of people crowd the streets on Palm Sunday to see the procession, considered one of the most revered and important in Huelva.

And many more things to discover in a bridge so intense in traditions and passions.

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