ROUTE TO CAZORLA? We continue our route … (fifth stop)


It is a beautiful city of Spain in the province of Jaén (Andalusia). Declared together with Baeza, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2003.

Another way to be dazzled by Úbeda are its viewpoints. Leaving through the Puerta de Granada, opening of the old walls, you reach the viewpoint of San Lorenzo, from which you get a good view of Sierra Mágina.

That landscape, on winter mornings, shows an “absolute blue”. From there you can see the famous hills of Úbeda.

How to get?

Mirador San Lorenzo Úbeda:

Located next to the church of San Lorenzo, we find this magnificent viewpoint where we can contemplate some wonderful views of the surroundings of the city.

Úbeda Jaén

Sierra Mágina Úbeda:

As an island bounded in part by the loop of the Guadalquivir, the mountainous mass of Sierra Mágina stands on the edge of the olive grove of Jaén, situating itself as an extraordinary and perpetual hillock.

It is here the highest level of the province of Jaén and one of the highest summits of Andalusia.

The Pico Mágina, which with its 2,167 meters crowns a limestone massif, abrupt and inaccessible, abandoned by shepherds and snowfields, which is now the ideal setting for avid mountaineers.

Cerros de Úbeda:

Going through the hills of Úbeda is a Spanish phrase that is equivalent to other colloquial expressions such as going for the branches or going off on a tangent.

In fact the hills are on all sides, but are more beautiful from the Round of Lookouts, which is a sweet and spiky ride that is scattered on the side of the monumental city,

a hundred meters from the Plaza Vázquez de Molina, aesthetic and historical summary of the heritage city.


Crossing of the Comendador Messía, s / n • 23400 • Úbeda

Nº OF PLACES                   10

ENVIRONMENT                Urban

GPS COORDINATES:      38.00639   /   -3.37944  N 38º 00′ 23” / W 03º 22′ 46”

COMMUNITY:                 ANDALUSIA
RATE                                  FREE
Quiet zone. Maximum stay, 48 hours.
It is not allowed to remove chairs, tables, or other camping elements. All services and the historical center are about 800 m.
If you did not see the fourth stop, you can go from here. Third stop:  Baeza