Where is more autocaravaning tourism?

Are you one of those who likes to TRAVEL IN AUTOCARAVANA, CARAVAN or CAMPER?

Well, there are many people like you, more and more people decide to get one of the brands of caravans, campers or motorhomes that exist in the market and go out to enjoy.

And this sector of motor homes, campers and caravans is growing in a very positive and remarkable way in Spain.

This 2018 and after the growth of last year an increase of 30% is expected.

Whether because of fashion or because in the long run, enjoying a vacation like this also means saving money and great freedom, the fact is that some 4000 vehicles of this type are registered every year throughout the country.

Ranking of European cities with more motorhome tourism:

Looking at the figures, France, Italy and Germany are ranked the most fans of traveling in motorhomes.

In Europe, the United Kingdom also stands out in 4th place. In fact, the sum of these four already represents more than half of the motorhome registrations in the continent.

If we refer to Spain, Spain has a parquet that exceeds 25,000 motorhomes with a growth that has been recovering for a couple of years and where the effects of the economic crisis became important for the sector.

One of the areas with greater influence of this type of tourism, and that is among the first positions, is the Penedes (Catalonia).

Due to this growth, a 2018 ecotourism action plan has been created, where new areas of overnight stay have been planned and roads and signaling networks improved.

One of the things that attracts most international tourists who come to the Penedes, are the great wine routes that exist in the area and the power to spend the night free of charge for certain wineries.

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